Dawn Richard | Sneak Peek Video, “Automatic”

Catch a sneak peek of Dawn Richard‘s new video for her upcoming single, “Automatic,” from her latest EP album Armour On.   After the success of “Bombs,” Dawn is continuing the momentum with a new type of visual. She explains that,

For this video, we wanted to show the depth and versatility to our story.  With ‘Bombs’ we focused on full-out choreography. We want to bring something new every time we release a visual. With ‘Automatic’ it’s more story-focused. It’s the rebellion against what the world wants you to be and what really lies underneath it all when you realize your own self-worth (source)

Take a peep at the trailer below as Dawn sports some gold metallic paint and a blonde wig, transforming into a gold android. This is a hot song, I cannot wait to see the final product on Monday, June 18th.