New Artist Spotlight | Brianna Perry

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Brianna Perry is a name that has been buzzing around the hip-hop music scene since the turn of 2012.  And it’s one to pay attention to since there’s a competitive market for good female rappers.  Hailing from Miami, the 20 year old raptress makes her first appearance with her mixtape, The Face Off (2011). Influenced by notorious female rappers Missy Elliot and Trina (her mentor), Perry claims that her “music is distinctive and matchless. I have my own lane and I’m going full throttle.  My brand is a breath of fresh air and I’m here to attack the game from every angle I possibly can.” Quite ambitious for such a young woman, but you would never tell when you see her perform on stage or speak in interviews.  One of my most favorite songs by her (and the first video from her mixtape) is “Marilyn Monroe” (see below), a ladies’ anthem. All I want to say when I hear this song is, “WERRRRRKKKK!” *5 snaps in the air to follow*

With so much attention on Marilyn Monroe such as the Oscar-nominated film My Week with Marilyn and TV series SMASH, Perry uses her name to draw inspiration and set the tone for her swagger: young, sinfully sexy, and set to keep the world wrapped around her little finger.  The funny thing about this is that Nicki Minaj also released a song called “Marilyn Monroe” on her most recent album, but that is not stopping Brianna whatsoever.  I find Perry’s sound and style unique, despite similarities to Trina and Teyana Taylor.  But of course, since Nicki Minaj is the most relevant female rapper at the moment, people start comparing the two of them. In an interview with, Perry responds:

I’m just being myself and doing my own thing. As of now, I haven’t heard the comparisons. I feel like in so many ways, we’re very different. There are differences visually, musically—content. She has her story to tell and I have mine. I feel like all of that will speak for itself. (source)

She also said in a Billboard Music interview:

I feel like I’m a breath of fresh air. It’s needed and there are so few women who are actually standing in the forefront in the world of hip-hop. You know, you have Nicki Minaj who’s doing her thing, but when you look at that plateau, you don’t see many females. I hope to bring a change to that and I hope to see more female faces doing their thing. (source)

Signed to Poe Boy/Atlantic Records, Brianna Perry plans to release her debut album in the near future:

I was just out in LA for a week straight working on my [debut] album. But to keep the fans satisfied and wanting more, I’m definitely going to keep releasing music. There will be more mixtapes and more videos to come [before hand]. I’m going to keep feeding the streets until the album is ready. I’m making sure that I take my time with the debut album because I don’t want to disappoint the fans. I want to give them the best. (source)

Probably one of the reasons why the production of her debut album is slower than we want is due to her current enrollment as a Business Marketing student at the University of Miami! She says:

I’m not in the front row and I’m not in the last row. I’m in the middle. I’m just there and I’m taking notes. And I’m passing. If I get called on, I’ll answer but I’m pretty laid-back, chill. I’m studying business marketing. I feel like it could help me in the industry that I’m in. (source)

Take a look at her recent music video repertoire! People better watch out! Because in due time, Nicki Minaj is going to be pushed aside. Mhmmm!